Ciaxinha: We Will Maintain Our Philosophy

Ciaxinha: We Will Maintain Our Philosophy

date : 07-12-2016



Pedro Ciaxinha, The Cheetah’s Head Coach, expressed his satisfaction with the victory 2:0 over Umm Salal in the clash held Wednesday’s evening in QSL Round 10.

He stated, in the press conference: “It is a hard-fought win, as expected, over an intense team that never give in. It is pretty good to score the fifth win in a row, but we must keep on our way to achieve what we aspire to.”


In reply to a question about our ambition to compete for the QSL title after the consecutive victories, The Cheetahs’ tactician said: “We are to maintain our philosophy and deal with QSL clashes one by one, especially we have a match every 4 days and QSL Season’s fixtures haven’t yet been all announced.”