Ciaxinha:  We approach the Top Four

Ciaxinha: We approach the Top Four

date : 19-11-2016

Pedro Ciaxinha, our Head Coach, expressed his satisfaction with the victory over Al-Arabi in the match held last night in QSL round 7.


He was quoted, in the press conference, saying: “We scored an important victory over a big team and got nearer to QSL top-four teams as we narrowed the gap to one point off the fourth-placed, Al-Rayyan, Anyway, we got the whole spoils of the game and pushed up our QSL standing."


He added that at the beginning, Al-Arabi took us by surprise with their good positioning and we conceded the first goal but the reaction of our players pleased me as we scored the equalizer and then took the lead. But despite the victory, we still in need of concentration all over the game not in only some periods.


At the end, Ciaxinha thanked the player for the exerted effort and scoring the second win in a row and wished them to keep on victories in the upcoming stages.