The Cheetahs Crush Al-Arabi and Step Forward to Fifth

The Cheetahs Crush Al-Arabi and Step Forward to Fifth

date : 19-11-2016

Our club scored a precious victory over Al-Arabi 4:2 in the clash held at Thani bin Jassim Stadium of Al-Gharrafa S.C. in QSL Match Week 7.


Vladimir Weiss, Lawrence Quaye, George Kwesi and Krisztian Nemeth scored for Al-Gharafa in minutes 20,28,68 and 73 While Boualem Khoukhi netted twice for Al-Arabi in minutes 12 and 33.

The game witnessed an outstanding performance of Yousuf Hassan, our goalkeeper, who pulled off a string of impressive saves.


It was a scintillating QSL clash where the two teams squandered a lot of scoring chances in the first half. 


After restart, our squad clinched the game and scored two more goals in just five minutes. 

In general, our team produced a stunning display notching up a well-deserved win.


By this result, Our team raised points tally to 11 and advanced to the fifth place of QSL standings, leaving Al-Arabi eleventh-placed with only 6 points.